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Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing

*Available in Denver (DEN)


  • Managing car sharing cars on Turo and Getaround.

  • Providing the most consistent experience in the car sharing industry.

  • We've got your car covered so you can check out and enjoy a drink.

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  • "I've had my truck with Hassle-Free for over a year now and it's incredibly convenient. It makes money when I don't need it and I have a free car to use when I'm in town!"

    Justin H

    — Justin H, Current Customer

  • "What they provide for the money is pretty amazing. I can't find monthly parking, let alone valet with unlimited washes, for as little as they charge and they do a million times more."

    Samantha P

    — Samantha P, Current Customer

  • "We love the ease of the setup they've built. We know what to expect and our guests get taken care of quickly. Hassle-Free Car is the best way to do car sharing."

    Will and Sandra P

    — Will & Sandra P, Current Customer

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Why does Hassle-Free Car exist?

We exist for one reason - to re-purpose cars that would otherwise be sitting - AKA under utilized assets. Typically cars aren'y considered assets at all. They're largely depreciating liabilities that just cost you money. We flip that on it's head in a way that require you to do next to nothing. We manage all of the logistics of sharing your car on a marketplace such as Turo and Getaround. Whether your car is sitting or being driven, it is depreciating significantly every day it exists. Why not put it to work while you're not using it and let it pay for it's own existence, and maybe even make you a buck or two.

Who benefits from Hassle-Free Car?

Many people share their cars through different marketplaces around the world without our assistance and they're quite successful at it. We don't exist to get John Smith to stop sharing his Ford Escape, so long as he has the time for it and enjoys it.

We're here for those who want to share their car, but have no interest in (or no ability to) dealing with the logistics. Or maybe you have been sharing your car and you're being re-located out of the state or the country, but you still want to have a car here for when you visit. We're perfect for that! Not only will your car be making you money to offset the expense of the car, but you'll also have your own cleaned, maintained car ready to go each time you visit.

What's the process for guests?

The guests will book your car through the marketplace of their choice. We'll then be there to provide all of the information they need for their trip. Our team is available to them through the message feed 24/7/365 to answer whatever questions might arise. When they're ready to get their car, they'll come to our facility by the airport, by our top of the line shuttles if they're coming from the airport, and their car will be there waiting for them, ready to go. From the time they hop on the shuttle to the time they leave is typically 10-15 minutes total.

How do guests benefit?

While car sharing is phenominal, it has a few specific draw backs. First and foremost is the different processes a guest might have to learn and go through depending on the owner's setup. We provide a consistent experience each time that our return guests absolutely love. They don't need to spend time coordinating with the owner where they're going to meet when they get off the plane and then stress about any flight delays. With our 24/7/365 operation, none of that matters. The cars will be ready when the guests arrive no matter what.

Our guests also don't need to stress about returning the car clean, we handle that for them. That's not the car sharing standard as most owners require the guest to clean the car prior to returning it. While this makes sense for an individual sharing their car (and lines up with what we were taught: "always return borrowed things in better condition than you received them"), it can be a pain for guests who just want to enjoy their trip.